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Alex Bunting
A danger noodle ate my homework!
'A Danger Noodle ate my Homework' was a workshop I made for Teachers Teaching Teachers and the Vietnam Tech Conference 2017.

Student choice is something I am passionate about implementing where possible. By giving students options in their own learning there often follows a greater sense of ownership and quality in the work being produced. On top of that, how this links in to the homework we assign students is really important. Why do we give students homework when it might not be useful to 30% of the class, and too hard for another 30%? How do we deal with students learning at a different pace? This workshop explored some of these ideas from a MS and HS perspective, and looked at some simple ways we can integrate student choice into our everyday classes.

This workshp was presented at Teaching Teachers Teaching, an SSIS in house professional development initiative, and subsequently at the Vietnam Tech Conference in 2017.

Me presenting at the Vietnam Tech Conference in 2017.
The outcomes of this session were:
  • To understand when and why it is appropriate to give homework.
  • To understand the need for differentiation when setting homework.
  • To better understand how to diversify learning to make it more beneficial to learners.
  • To use some simple Google Tools to give students choice in their lessons.